Have rodents invaded your property? When temperatures change, Florida’s little pests move indoors to find, food, water, warmth, or cooler conditions so you may have noticed dark pellets along your baseboards, marks on the wall due to their oily fur, gnaw marks from chewing through wires or wood, and a few scurrying noises you may hear at night. Since they are much smaller than they appear and can fit through tiny holes/cracks, your home should be properly inspected for entry points, proper screen closure, and weather strips. Don’t try to set your own analysis or traps to tackle the problem on your own. If you’ve seen signs of just one, chances are there are many others in or around your home.

The longer you live with rodents, the more exposed you’ll be exposed to the diseases they carry. At Ratchet Roach Pest Control, we’re here to help by offering reliable rodent control services.