A bed bug is a small, round, brownish insect organism that feed and survive by consuming human &/or animal blood, usually at night. After eating, their bodies swell and may appear more red in color. They may shed their skin five times before reaching full maturity and require a meal before each shedding.

They do not fly, so they become mobile by moving quickly into hiding spots including: mattresses, bed linen, pillows, the cracks near baseboards, crevices between floor panels, inside of luggage, purses, backpacks, clothes, and many other items. They can fit into spaces as narrow as a credit card and become drawn to us by body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale. As you can imagine reproduction occurs quickly and many times without notice.


If you have seen evidence of bed bugs or wake with itchy skin, a Ratchet Roach Pest Control technician is available!